Rotary tillers

Rotary tillers

Rotary tiller is a kind of mechanical cultivator of the soil. It is designed for tilling and crushing the soil top layer (up to 30 cm) and suitable for different power tractors.


The company Doberkmet offers variety modifications of rotary tillers to farmers. This is a classic, field and garden rotary tillers, as well as for vineyards, for dry or wet soil.

Rotary tiller TMZ is a most popular in all countries, as well as TM and TH models etc. This classic rotary tiller is equipped with reliable gearboxes on gear drives. The use of chain drive is carried out only upon agreement with partners.

All rotary tillers are equipped with high strength steel blades and drive shafts, and each customer can choose it independently – with shear bolt or cutoff clutch. Rotary tiller TMZ is ideal for work on different soil conditions. It is produced in sizes 1.2 – 2.8 m.

For the most

deep process, our company offers models with longer blades and multispeed gearboxes. The availability of such gearboxes reduces the stress on a tractor and allows for a wide rotary tiller on a low power tractor.

For ease of use

rotary tillers can be equipped with mechanical or hydraulic shaft systems. Thus, the operator can carry out the shaft of rotary tiller relatively to the central axis of the tractor direction.

For cultivation of the tree interrow in gardens and vineyards, a hydraulic automatic powered tree interrow rotary tiller is used.

It is allows to carry

out the cultivation of the soil top layer during the tractor direction, at the same time to avoid obstacles such as tree trunks, poles etc. This type of rotary tillers is ideal for work in gardens, vineyards and parks.

The leader of our product’s range

is a rotary tiller with a vertical arrangement of blades (power harrow). A power harrow have a number of features: a vertical arrangement of rotating around it’s axis blades, gear drive for each pair of blades, roller of various design. It is produced in two versions – universal and heavy. It is convenient to use on dry and wet soil and ideal for process the interrow in gardens and vineyards.