The company Doberkmet

offers agricultural sprayers with a different system of sprayer, transportation and actuation. The most popular is mounted field sprayers, which have earned the respect of small farmers for ease of use, reliability and availability.

Such sprayers

are equipped with two or three membranes, as well as 10-12 m boom. At the customer’s request, we install additional tanks for clean water, self-filling systems, various modifications of spraying elements. Usually the size of such sprayer’s tank is 200 – 1000 lt.

This is a more upgraded

mounted sprayer, which is used in difficult conditions in medium and large farms. For a high capacity, these models of sprayers are equipped with a high chassis with hydraulic lift up to 3.5 m, 16-18 m mechanic or hydraulic boom folding, different types of folding and transportation of sprayer, more reliable system of boom stabilization during operation.

A separate direction of field sprayers

is a trailed sprayer. Trailed sprayers can be both a high efficiency machine and not expensive unit with a small chassis. Such sprayers are designed for processing lawns and golf courses in a large agricultural enterprise. At the customer’s require, it is possible to install a high volume tank (up to 4.2 m3), electronic control system of water pouring with reference to the geo-data, mixer for mixing chemicals concentrates.

Special attention should be made garden

and vineyard sprayers. It can be divided into two groups trailed and mounted sprayers. It can be equipped with different height frame on the fan or air flow guides. In order to increase productivity, most of such sprayers are equipped with self-filling, self-cleaning and mixing systems. The basis of almost 99% of garden sprayers is a fan. It has the ability to adjust the attack angle of the fan, that allow to make a more precise adjustment of the blower fan. The speed of these fans is controlled by switching speeds on a gearbox. At the customer’s require, we supply sprayers with 60-100 cm fan. As well as, it is possible the air intake both front and back.

We have a wide range of pumps

for such sprayers. Leaders are Italian manufacturers, however, it should be noted, that pumps by Turkish and China manufacturers have a high reliability too.

In any case, the company Doberkmet is responsible for its products. It has a many years of experience, and all above – desire to make its products better.