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The Croup of Companies DOBERKMET

started its activities thanks to high demands of quality and reliability of agricultural machineries and customer’s limited resources.

These days, the State support for their own farmers is low, but the farmers strive to improve its effectiveness. This could be realized if the costs for the purchase of equipment should be in proportion to the result sought. Thus, the farmer has to choose between a very expensive, famous brand and a low-quality fake of the local manufacturer.

It is for this reason that the brand Doberkmet was created in 2015. Our mission is to manufacture a quality and reliability agricultural machineries without a non-essential, additional options. The farmer’s aim is achieved by using a quality equipment.

Our slogan

all that matters to farmer is result

The company’s main business fields are mulchers, rotary tillers and sprayers:

  • Mulchers and all types of flail mowers
  • Grinders in various versions
  • Sprayers for tractor garden and field

Most people in various corners of the world have already experienced the quality and reliability of Doberkmet’s agricultural machineries. Many companies recognized us as a reliable maintainer and supplier of agricultural machineries for tractors 12-200 hp. The brand Doberkmet get a global recognition in the short term.

In 2016, the company opened its representative office in Russia. Now Doberkmet is the number one supplier of mulchers for a garden in EAU countries. Our goal remains the efficient agricultural, whatever the country you work and whatever individual characteristics we have to bear in mind. Thanks to our well-structured partnerships, many regional companies are growing together with us. We invite you for cooperation and propose to become our partner.

Don’t stay aside! Join our successful team Doberkmet!

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