Mulchers & Flail mowers

Mulchers & Flail mowers

The main Doberkmet directions are the production and supply of mulchers and flail mowers of various modifications.

The principle of most unit operation is built on a high-speed rotation of a blades or hummer on a shaft, thanks to this, effective mowing and mulching is achieved.

However, farmers use different types of agricultural machines for different purposes, which may have significant differences and special features.

Thus, we supply a various types of equipment to meet the maximum range of needs.

First of all, we offer the consumer equipment with various types of blades and hammers in the set.

Blades are most often used for mulching biomass, but depending on the type and size of blade, it can be used for cutting grass and shoots.

The hummer is a universal type of blade. It can be used on a flail mower, designed to reduce weeds and cutting grass, and on a heavy mulchers, designed for mulching branches of thicknesses up to 20 cm.

In order to universalize of a unit, hydraulic components are used in the productions of mulchers.

The mechanical shift of the unit relative to the axis of the direction of the tractor is the standard version of a unit

The hydraulic system

allows to simplify the process of work, and often to perform the work that can’t be performed in a standard version of the unit.

The simplest solution is to install the hydraulic system to the left/right shift relative to the axis of the tractor direction. It makes it possible to shift the unit more easily and perform the work without additional tractor maneuvers. Most of the models we produce in such a complete set.

We also produce flail mowers and mulchers, which can change their position not only horizontally, but also in angle and pitch

This equipment is designed

for processing the slopes, roadsides, tree trunks areas, cutting hedges. Examples of such mowers are AGL or AGF models.

If a more powerful unit is needed, mulcher on the basis of hydraulically controlled manipulator will come to the rescue. This equipment is designed for processing the territories, water bodies and for work within forest stands. Such machine allows the tractor to be at a considerable distance from the work area (min 3 m), this contributes to the performance of the most difficult or dangerous work.

Specific features of any mulchers is the possibility of installing additional equipment on the main machine

A good example of such equipment

is a hydraulic automatic powered tree interrow mower. A central gearbox drives this model of the mower. Every time, the additional equipment is facing obstacles, automatic system will be triggered and the additional equipment avoids obstacles. Thus, any areas can be processed despite the roughness of its borders.

Another example

of additional equipment is a hopper for the collection a cutting and mulching biomass. Such hoppers are installed if it is necessary not only the destruction of weeds, but also the removal of biomass from a working area. Such units are most needed in processing of lawns, parks, etc.

Particular attention should be paid to mulchers with two shafts. Such machines are usually used in gardens and vineyards

Thanks to two types

of blades (blades and hummers), there is not only the cutting of weeds, but also the mulching of biomass. This is particularly important after pruning, when large quantities of branches and vines are accumulated in a working area.

Such mulcher’s frame

is produced by special technology, because the stress on construction is increased twice. In models with to shafts is necessary apply at least 4 belts. Important features of such mulchers is able to work at relatively high speed that increase the capacity in general.

A special direction of Doberkmet is a production of shredders

Such equipment

is produced for mulching a biomass. Specific features of this model of equipment is a furnish roll. This shaft picks up biomass from the ground and feed it into the hopper, where the main element is a shaft with hummers. After the mulching biomass spreads on the ground through a special calibration holes.  Thus, the crushed biomass performs the function of fertilizing.