The company Doberkmet offers agricultural sprayers with a different system of sprayer, transportation and actuation. The most popular is mounted field sprayers, which have earned the respect of small farmers for ease of use, reliability and availability. Such sprayers are equipped with two or three membranes, as well as 10-12 m boom. At the customer’s.

Mulchers & Flail mowers

The main Doberkmet directions are the production and supply of mulchers and flail mowers of various modifications. The principle of most unit operation is built on a high-speed rotation of a blades or hummer on a shaft, thanks to this, effective mowing and mulching is achieved. However, farmers use different types of agricultural machines for.

Rotary tillers

Rotary tiller is a kind of mechanical cultivator of the soil. It is designed for tilling and crushing the soil top layer (up to 30 cm) and suitable for different power tractors.   The company Doberkmet offers variety modifications of rotary tillers to farmers. This is a classic, field and garden rotary tillers, as well.