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The DOBERKMET group of companies owes its appearance to the contradiction between the requirements imposed on the high quality and reliability of agricultural implements on the one hand, and the limited resources at the consumer of products.

In an era when state support for their agricultural producers is not significant, farmers tend to increase the efficiency of their activities. It is possible to achieve this in the event that the cost of purchasing inventory will be justified commensurate with the results obtained from them. Thus, the farmer is forced to choose between unreasonably expensive brands and their poor-quality fakes of local producers, who are in great numbers in every country.

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DOBERKMET customers in various parts of the world have already managed to make sure of the reliability and quality of our products. Many companies and consumers have recognized us as a reliable developer and supplier of agricultural equipment for tractors from 12 to 200 hp. For a short period of existence, the brand has received worldwide recognition due to its availability and reliability.

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The company Doberkmet offers agricultural sprayers with a different system of sprayer, transportation and actuation. The most popular is mounted field …


Mulchers & Flail mowers

The main Doberkmet directions are the production and supply of mulchers and flail mowers of various modifications. The principle of most …


Rotary tillers

Rotary tiller is a kind of mechanical cultivator of the soil. It is designed for tilling and crushing the soil …


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