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The Croup of Companies Doberkmet started its activities thanks to high demands of quality and reliability of agricultural machineries and customer’s limited resources.

These days, the State support for their own farmers is low, but the farmers strive to improve its effectiveness. This could be realized if the costs for the purchase of equipment should be in proportion to the result sought. Thus, the farmer has to choose between a very expensive, famous brand and a low-quality fake of the local manufacturer.

Ищете качественное навесное оборудование?

Не оставайтесь в стороне! Присоединяйтесь к успешной команде DOBERKMET!

наша продукция

Клиенты DOBERKMET в различных уголках земного шара уже успели убедится в надежности и качестве наших товаров. Множество компаний и потребителей признали нас как надежного разработчика и поставщика сельскохозяйственного оборудования для тракторов от 12 до 200 л.с. За короткий срок существования марка получила мировое признание, благодаря своей доступности и надежности.

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The company Doberkmet offers agricultural sprayers with a different system of sprayer, transportation and actuation. The most popular is mounted field …


Mulchers & Flail mowers

The main Doberkmet directions are the production and supply of mulchers and flail mowers of various modifications. The principle of most …


Rotary tillers

Rotary tiller is a kind of mechanical cultivator of the soil. It is designed for tilling and crushing the soil …


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