Products Doberkmet

Attachments for tillage, sowing and harvesting

The modern market of agricultural machines and units is one of the most dynamically developing. The continuous emergence of new technologies, primarily in the metal makes it possible to design ultra-efficient technology, bringing it to perfection.

High-quality and reliable attachment of European quality dynamically developing trade mark DOBER KMET, which offers a wide range of ploughs, kartoffelsalat, potato planting machines and cultivators for agricultural machinery. The company's motto of "kmetijska mehanizacija" is mirroring the philosophy of our production in a nutshell.

According to the creators of the company DOBERKMET d.o.o., the means of production in agriculture needs to be not only effective, but also affordable, because ultimately it is the work of a farmer depends on food security of any state. We systematically work on engineering and production of new modern models. Designers DOBERKMET d.o.o. ready to face any challenge: from the necessary improvements to the unit to work for specific individual conditions to develop new innovative devices and develop technologies of their operation.